Unconditional Love from a Mother to her Gay Son

Hello world and welcome to my blog site!  I am dedicating this site to my son Joe.  Joe is gay.  He is a wonderful, amazing guy who has taught me so much. What tremendous courage it takes for somebody to ‘come out’ to their parents. What a risk. The journey this has taken me through has enriched my life beyond anything that my life ever could have been prior to this…..and for this, I am grateful. I am grateful for the open, fun, loving relationship that he and I have. For the open, fun, loving relationship he has with our whole entire family. I am present to creating unconditional love. I am a proud mother of a gay son and this site is a place for others to share their stories. For Gays to share how it did – or didn’t work out when they came out. For parents to share about how that has been for them. If you have something that you would like to say about this, please comment below………..

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  • Sandra says:

    Beautiful statement on what parenting is all about. Unconditional love!

  • Andy says:

    Beautiful Jules. You too are an inspiration, selfless and giving person. My mother has two gay sons and a straight one. She loves us all unconditionally. I get the courage it takes to ‘come out’ however I also get the courage it takes for parents to stand proud. Thank you Jules. X

    • juliedebondt says:

      Thank you for all you continue to provide to me and others. Andy you are an inspiration of what is possible. And yes, I am sure that this in no small part has come from the bedrock that your mother (and grandmother) allowed you to stand on and grow from. Please pass on my site to anybody/everybody that you think this will make a difference to. You know what I am up to……….:)

  • Christine says:

    Who we are is not defined by our sexuality, but by the love in our hearts! I am proud of my gay son and the strong, open and beautiful man he has become.

  • Jenny says:

    Hi Julie. This is fantastic!!! Just want you to know that we love you all, no matter what!! Couldn’t care less who is straight or gay, black or white, human or alien- we love you for who you are. xxx

  • Gurl, you are incredible. I wish just a little more people like this existed in the world. P.s, you seem like a good time on weekends!

    Your son is lucky man!

    • juliedebondt says:

      Thank you for the kind words and yes, my son is a lucky man……and I am lucky to have him. It always works (and doesn’t work) both ways. Keep in touch with my post and become a Follower please! I love the contribution!

  • Derek Barker says:

    Hi Julie, you are a guiding light to all that will follow on what can be a dark difficult journey.
    Your friend and publisher Derek..

  • judithaline says:

    Hi Julie
    Joe’s happiness and ability to be “comfortable in his own skin” is in no small part due to the unconditional love you have always shown both of your children, which has not changed. This is not something different for you, you loved Stef and Joe for the beautiful “little people” they were when they were babies, and that love and acceptance has never wavered, and never will. They both know that.

    Off the topic but not really … I judged my “alcoholic” Mother for many years, blaming her for not being a good mother to me when she was alive, and then having the audacity to go and die. It wasn’t until I went to Al Anon Family Groups that I understood more clearly, and going there gave me a huge gift, my love for my Mother. I learned that she wasn’t, as I had labelled her for many years, as “my Mother the alcoholic”. She was a beautiful, strong, loving, incredibly generous woman who loved both Wendy and I with absolute unconditional love … who also happened to be an alcoholic. My view of a lot of things were changed forever with that understanding.
    Good luck with the book Julie, love to all.
    Jude and Pete xxx
    Welcome to change anything in this Julie.

  • Sonja Reavis says:

    I’m a mother of a gay son as well. He kept it from.me for years. When.he came out I had know issues with it and I’m.thankful.he finally got courage to come out.Please anyone out there who is gay my challenge for you,come out and be proud!,Expressing who.you are and your beliefs gives you freedom. Remember land of the free home of the btave! If they don’t except your freedom n beliefs ask yourselflf are they worthy of your friendship? If it is a family member n.they turn there there back.you don’t need them. Family is unconditional love!!!! Good luck! However always. Be proud!,

    • juliedebondt says:

      thank you for your kind words and the connection we share. please direct others to my site and become a Follower. I am writing a book that I hope will make a huge difference to parents of gays, and gays coming out. your support really means alot to me. xx

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